No. This is still part of the CCEYA regulations – here is a what is says below from our Annual Policy Document:

Regulations from the Ministry of Education prohibit the use of and access to all standing bodies of water (e.g. ponds) and recreational in-ground/above-ground swimming, portable/”kiddie”/inflatable wading-type, and hydro-massage pools, hot tubs, and spas located on the premises of any single or multi-dwelling private residence, including a caregiver’s own house, townhouse complex or apartment building where the caregiver resides, for children under the supervision/care in the contracted caregiver in his/her capacity as a home child care caregiver during operating hours. Exceptions to this may occur when children are over six years old and a lifeguard is present.

We do have a process where caregivers with a certified lifeguard present can use their pool for children 6 and over but there is a process to get that approved and I don’t think I have had any caregivers explore this at this point. For kiddie pools it would be children under 6 and that is still not allowable under the CCEYA as they consider it a standing body of water.