Here you will find answers to questions that you may have about working with the Region of Waterloo Home Child Care. There can be a lot of misinformation about working with an agency and our goal is to bust some of those myths with the help of Roger Gilbert (Manager, Region of Waterloo Home Child Care).

No. Part of the expectation we would have with your forms (whether you use ours or use your own) is that it covers off permission to transport children for parents. We would expect parents to be consenting to transportation by vehicle prior to it happening. The Ministry of Education requires as well that caregivers have 2 million liability coverage on their vehicle – this is usually a common amount for vehicles nowadays.

No. This is still part of the CCEYA regulations – here is a what is says below from our Annual Policy Document:

Regulations from the Ministry of Education prohibit the use of and access to all standing bodies of water (e.g. ponds) and recreational in-ground/above-ground swimming, portable/”kiddie”/inflatable wading-type, and hydro-massage pools, hot tubs, and spas located on the premises of any single or multi-dwelling private residence, including a caregiver’s own house, townhouse complex or apartment building where the caregiver resides, for children under the supervision/care in the contracted caregiver in his/her capacity as a home child care caregiver during operating hours. Exceptions to this may occur when children are over six years old and a lifeguard is present.

We do have a process where caregivers with a certified lifeguard present can use their pool for children 6 and over but there is a process to get that approved and I don’t think I have had any caregivers explore this at this point. For kiddie pools it would be children under 6 and that is still not allowable under the CCEYA as they consider it a standing body of water.

No you are not. There is no longer a number of spaces you need to keep for the agency. We would always encourage you to accept referrals from us if you have spaces available.

We would always support a referral to the SNAP (special needs access point) program for any children in your home regardless of private or agency placed. That being said, we are continually advocating for more special needs support and services for home child care as there are gaps, particularly in the 6 – 12 age range.

Yes you do. We do an email survey every month where you let us know the # of days you provided care for private children so we can administer it to you. Note, the way the grant works, you aren’t eligible till the following year. So for example, if someone signed up with us in 2018, they would be eligible for the grant starting in 2019. It doesn’t matter what month you start ( February or December), as long as you started in 2018, you are eligible starting in 2019. That is how the ministry has it set up for us to administer, we apply for it based on 2018 care to issue for 2019 care and so on.

No with the exception of our parent acknowledgement form. We do however encourage caregivers to use them because then they know they meet all CCEYA regulations. That being said, if a caregiver wants to use their own forms, we ask to see them prior to sign up to ensure they do cover off all of the CCEYA requirements – covering things like outdoor play, supervision and sleep arrangements permission as well as daily records. We do have a few caregivers who use their own forms and their consultants have checked their forms to ensure everything is there that is needed. We do have an acknowledgement form that we ask caregivers to sign with private parents – this form just explains to them that you contract with a licensed agency and some of the requirements around that. There is a sample of it on our website if anyone wants to have a look:

While I can’t speak for other licensed home child care programs, this is not true for the Region of Waterloo Home Child Care Program. Our focus if contracting with caregivers who provide quality care to children. While there are benefits to children/families registering through our program, it is not a requirement and we respect a caregivers right to find families and contract with them independently. The key is that there is regular communication with the agency prior to care starting so we can ensure you are within capacity guidelines.

This is not the case. While agencies need to ensure you are following requirements set out in the CCEYA and agency policies, caregivers a lot of flexibility with their business. They choose the hours they do care, how their day is scheduled and activities/programming with the children, food and snacks and much more.

Do you have a question about working with the Region of Waterloo Home Child Care? Please submit it below and we will do our best to find the answer for you 🙂