We are so excited to introduce you to Corrin of Glow Daycare and Homeschool. Her program is located in Hamilton Ontario and offers nature based, child directed curriculum as well as organic home made foods.

What made you decide to open up a home childcare program?

I decided to open my home daycare for a number reasons. The idea of running a home daycare has always intrigued me. I had spent over a decade working with children and families in the foster care system, school board and medical system. Working in these fields, I had seen some harsh realities of life. I felt that after my maternity leave that it was time to make a change in my career. I had easily fallen into the role of teaching, guidance, the person full of weird facts and full of creativity in my career, so for me opening a home daycare was the next great step in my life.

What (if any) educational philosophies influenced your program?

We follow an eclectic learning approach. Our influences come from Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio, academic, STEAM, minimalist and playbase. I chose to teach eclectic because we all learn differently, we are all uniquely different.
I feel with this approach, everyone gets their needs met.
We are also a low waste home. Our goal is to produce as little garbage as possible, reuse, recycle and repurpose. Choosing eco friendly toys and products over more hazardous ones. This is also a very important part of our programming.

What’s your absolute favourite part of the job?

There are so many favorite parts to my job. I love watching the children grow, meeting milestones and mastering skills. They glow with pride and confidence when they achieve their goals. I also love when parents tell me that their child is using what they learn here at home. We practice fire and community safety every week. One of my daycare kids(age 3 at the time) went on vacation. There was a small fire in their hotel room and this child used his fire safety skills to get him and his family to a safe place. When they got back from vacation, they were so excited to tell me how he used his fire safety skills. It was definitely proud moment for everyone!

What would you say is the best part of your program?

Best part of my program hmmmm??? I couldn’t decide what part of my program is the best. Since Im the creator of the program, I felt a little bias. So I asked some of my current daycare parents.
They gave me some really great reasons of how much they love my program. At the top of their lists was the personalized care I provide. They loved the small group size, tailored programming that meets their childs needs(eclectic learning approach) and that I truly get to know each child I am caring for.
Second on the list was the different types of programming I provide. They love the fire and community safety programming, life skills, nature inspired programs, creative and unique activities and a lot of outdoor time.
I also asked some of the daycare children what the best part of their daycare is. Their top 3 was playing, crafts and my cat!

Where do you find inspiration for programming and activities?

I find inspiration for my program from everywhere. From the children, nature, social media like facebook, instagram and pinterest, other daycare providers and the local community.

Your most popular item on your meal?

Most popular item on my menu is fruit…any kind but cantaloupe.
Favorite meal is homemade chicken soup with egg droppings. Even the kids that hate eggs eat it!

Chicken soup
Its a great way to use up what you have left at the end of the week.
Make homemade broth. Costco ready made chickens are great to make a broth.
Add noodles(we like egg noodles), add veggies(carrots, peas, corn or anything else).
When boiled crack an egg or 2 into the soup and stir.
A bit of black pepper
Serve warm.

Best quote from a child.

Child 1- Im going to pick a baby sister that doesn’t cry and is good all the time. Im going to pick the best baby out of all of them.
Child 2- You get what you get. You can’t go to a baby market and pick the baby you want.

Favorite child related quote.

We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.

To find out more about Glow Daycare and Homeschool please check out their facebook page!