There are so many amazing elements in our career as home child care providers! We have wonderful relationships with families, we get to watch our students grow from barely crawling to running and talking, and we have the flexibility to participate fully in the wonderful events going on our community.

I asked the providers in our local providers group to share some of their most positive experiences as home child care teachers and this is what some of them had to say —

“I think my favorite part is building wonderful relationships with the families I have the privilege of working with. I’ve supported families during their easy parenting days, their difficult days and everything in between. Recently I walked with a family through a difficult family loss and another family celebrated a graduate with her Masters (with honors and awards!) after several years of university. Being part of their ‘village’ is truly rewarding.” – Melodie Stryker

“After my husband left me, my clients upped my rate to make sure I would still be able to afford to provide care for their kids. They also paid for Christmas for my kids that year.” – Lisa Straus

“I was able to work with a doula client, her 4lb baby and her familiy. Only to have them reach out to become this same little ones provider. It has been wonderful to help them all the way through this little ones life so far.” – Lesley Cressman

“I’ve been collecting and organizing photos lately putting together something for 2 kids last days. Boy is it emotional and rewarding looking back on 3+ years with of photos and seeing how much these Littles have changed and grown. Seeing the collection of experiences I have provided from field trips, to the funny dress up pictures, to messy sensory and art, all the outdoor fun. For me, even though there have been many tough days, seeing all these memories compiled is so rewarding and positive. :)” – Jenn Dziura

“I love that I have kept in touch with many of my past families and we still see each other regulatory for playmates. This past year I have quite a few medical issues and had been in the hospital a bit. Every time my Dcf have offered to take my kids. One day offered to make my kids school lunch for my husband. However my husband had it all under control. But nice to know the offer was there.” – Catherine Brindley

“So when we had my mom’s funeral, a daycare parent paid one or 2 days of brievement. She said I get them so I am giving them to you. She didn’t have to. I have had her daughter for 3 years now.” – Michelle Barnard

“In my 19 years of doing daycare. The most positive experience is: when the kids already in High school and University they come to visit me and tell me when they have their own kids they are going to bring them to my daycare.
Also when I go to the stores where they work they use their employee card to give me a discount!
I love all the kids I take care plus their parents .
I have a feeling that I am going to have this job for long time!” – Maria Rodrigues

These are just a few of the heartfelt messages I received regarding the rewarding and positive experiences providers have had during their careers. We work in an amazing field!

What are some of your most amazing experiences with families you have worked with? Please leave your memories in the comments! <3