Lesley is one of the founders of NEED and operates an exceptional daycare in the KW Region. So excited to share more about her program with you!

What made you decide to open a home childcare program?

I started my home daycare over 20 years ago. At that time I started to meet the needs of my family. I then returned to college and earned my diploma in Early Childhood Education. I worked in the field in a parent run cooperative and one of our resource programs. I restarted my daycare because a family friend could not find daycare. It was important for me to know the child was well cared for. This child has now moved on to school and I am loving my home daycare What if any educational philosophies influenced your program? So many different concepts have influenced my program Reggio, Waldorf, David Elkind the hurried child, the Forrest School and many of my professors at college. What is your absolute favorite part of the job? I would say the favourite part of my program is my partnerships with my families. I adore the children and parents I work with each day. Notice I said work with, there is no hierarchy, both the parents and I work collectively for the best interests of the children we both adore and care for each day. Now the children would say the best thing in my program is our amazing playground. They are really excited for our gingerbread house to be insulted this spring.

What would you say is the very best part of your program?

The ability to take the time and meet the needs of the kids in my program. I love being able to follow their lead and learning.

Where do you find inspiration for your programming and activities?

In facilitating my own program I am enjoying bringing in our Singing and Signing teacher, spending time in the forest, doing fundraising with other peers, and the children and I support a horse rescue stable.

What is the most popular item on your menu? Share a recipe!

Mac and Cheese is the all time favourite here. Cook noodles easy lol

Cheese Sauce Recipe

Half a can chickpeas pureed 2 cups cauliflower pureed Milk to thin of needed 2 cups crated cheese 1 package of epicure Mac and cheese The kids have no idea there is veggies in he raise

Best quote from the children in your program to date:

“My mommy is a vegetarian but daddy and me, we are meatatrians.” M.


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