The Nature-Based Early Education Directory was created to showcase quality home child care programs in our community that embrace the basic tenets of childhood that play is crucial and mud is FUN!

courtesy of Let The Children Play

We believe:

  • Early learning programs for children should be high quality and play based.
  • Children should explore beautiful items in nature and their classrooms.
  • Adults should be enthusiastic learning partners.
  • Early educators should demonstrate professionalism in their practice every day.
  • Discipline is about teaching and guiding, not about shaming or isolating.
  • MUD IS FUN! Kids are 100% Washable.

So why NEED? There are so many resources for child care providers and caregivers on the internet, why build this site?

NEED was developed based on a specific need in our community to highlight quality care and to support caregivers in developing and sharing high quality practice. Our goal is to help home child care providers (both agency affiliated and independent) and caregivers with similar ideologies to connect.

Quality childcare is a #NEEDKW <3

Welcome to NEED, we are so happy you’re here!


Natasha Kocher, RECE (owner Red River Early Learning Centre) & Lesley Cressman (owner Faery Childcare)